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Paradise Rooms

Limitless Possibilities

Paradise Rooms feature a mix of light weight but strong materials, capable of almost limitless possibilities. The extruded aluminium frame work provides the sturdy basis for a long lasting room while the polymer film is tough enough to take the bumps of every day life and bounce back to shape.

The many options available make the Paradise Room flexible enough to suit your home, designs and lifestyle.

Excellent Visibility

The Mem-Tek Polymer Film allows floor to ceiling vision through either a tinted or clear sash, giving you almost uninhibited views. The Mem-Tek Film will not shatter like glass, but rather flex when stressed and return to shape in a matter of moments.

Greater Ventilation

With the flexibility of the four track sliding sash system you can allow up to a huge 75% air flow in to your Paradise Room. That's more than double the standard 30% in glassed areas. The advantage of the Paradise Room is the Panels can be set to any desired position - All down, All up, some partly raised or partly lowered, however you desire. You can even remove the sashes if you choose.

Blend your Indoors with the Outdoors

With Paradise units that slide, bi-fold and swing open, you can create multi-function room. Alfresco dining, light entertaining or simply opening up to the outdoors the Paradise Room has you covered.

No longer is the outdoor room just an add on, now it is extra living space designed to compliment the home. All the options of the Paradise Room can be mixed and matched within the one project, giving you the best outdoor living experience.


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